Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a game! Yanks come back against Angels

For the past few years, it seemed like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Disneyland, and No Doubt seemed to have the Yankees' number. But for the past two games, the Bombers actually (shocker) beat them!

Last night's game might have been the best one of the year so far. After the Yanks blew that 4-0 lead, and the Angels led by as much as 9-4, the Bombers chipped away at the lead. Once Mark Teixeira walked to open the ninth, with the score 9-8, I figured the Yanks had a good chance to win. And they did.

Whenever there's a walkoff win, I always rewind the DVR about five or six times to watch the celebration. Am I the only one to do that?

My two fave things about last night's celebration were seeing Teixeira's reaction as he crossed home plate, and watching Hideki Matsui jump out onto the field and jump up and down. Good stuff. Oh, and I enjoy watching rookie Ramiro Pena, too.

Also liked seeing Andy Pettitte afterwards talk about how he switched from being in a bad mood to a good mood!

Anyhow, the Yanks are on a roll. Hope they keep it up. And I hope Nick Swisher will play today, after getting hit by a pitch and knocked out of last night's game.

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Roger 9 said...

Last night's game was "just what the doctor ordered"for us Yankee fans! We have experienced too many ugly losses and some ugly wins also, for that matter. We need to go forth from here. Our star pitchers really have to step up and give us the kind of performances that they are capable of.
And Viva la Pena.

Paul from Boston said...

but wait...I thought the Yanks were done, and everyone needed to be fired etc. etc. etc.

Yes, the inevitable win streak has come and that certainly was a hell of a comeback win Just as Wakefield's brilliant start in Oakland was the cure the Sox needed, I'd credit Phil Hughes for delivering that night in Detroit for kick-starting the Yanks.

Ah the emotional ups and downs of a 162-game season. Thankfully I had a great Bruins game to distract me from the Sox...does Tampa ever lose at home?

Lisa - I, too, get my money's worth out of the rewind button on my DVR after a big game. It is fun to watch.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Uncle Mike said...

A senational game like that, and only two comments? Well, let's make it three: A game like that in October would have been legendary. If only we'd actually HAD a game or two like that in October since, oh, 2004!

I was in the City today and considered going to today's game, but got in late, figured I wouldn't get a ticket for under $1,250, and considered the weather, and decided to bag it. I'm glad I did, because although it turned out to be a beautiful day with the weather, it was an ugly game for the Yankees.

For five innings, C.C. Sabathia was brilliant. Then in the sixth, he turned into just another fat guy. And then it all collapsed.

I want tomorrow's game really badly. While I offer my condolences to the Angels for the loss of Nick Adenhart, I really don't like those guys, especially that twerp Chone Figgins, who seems to play very ordinary against everybody else but shreds the Yankees.

Pena continues to impress, though. A third baseman who comes through in the clutch. Dugan, Rolfe, Billy Johnson, McDougald, Boyer, Nettles, Boggs, Brosius, Boone (well, once). In the words of our President, it's change we can believe in. Can we keep him as the starter? We probably won't, but... Yes We Can, Yes We Can!

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