Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fans' cups runneth over at Yankee Stadium

Last night was Inaugural Season Collectible Cup Night at Yankee Stadium. I had hoped that it was somehow tied in to A-Rod's first game in the new stadium: "Get a replica of the same kind of cup that A-Rod pees in for his drug tests!"

But all the first 25,000 fans got was the same sort of plastic cup you can get by spending an extra dollar for a beer at the concession stand.

Why do both the Yankees and Mets bother with cut-rate promotions? The Yankees have Cap Day today and Bat Day tomorrow - can't they just stick to that?

Next Tuesday is Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card Night. The first 18,000 fans 21 and over get a collectible gift card worth two dollars. Two dollars! Woo hoo! I want to go just so I can hear the fans in the fancy seats throw a fit when they run out. "I paid $500 for my Legends seats - where's my damn $2 gift card?"

And why are these gift cards limited to those over 21? Are they proofing at Dunkin' Donuts now? Do you have to show ID now to get a regular donut - otherwise you are restricted to ordering Munchkins?

Along with Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card Night, Yankee fans can also look forward to Umbrella Day, also just for adults (sorry kids, you'll just have to get wet), Yankee Stadium Puzzle Day (if it's anything like those puzzles they put on the video screen, it's probably something like So Duku with one square) and Calculator Day (this one is just for kids - Yankee brass doesn't want Mommy and Daddy figuring out just how much this trip to Yankee Stadium is costing them).

And next year, if we're lucky, Second Season Collectible Cup Night.

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