Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My thoughts on Roger Clemens' interview

I finally got to listen to Roger Clemens' interview on Mike and Mike yesterday. So what do I think? Not much. Clemens makes Alex Rodriguez look like a master of the media in comparison. How funny is that?

When A-Rod had a controversial book written about him, he politely told reporters he wasn't going to discuss the book. Clemens, on the other hand, thought it was a good idea to give the new book American Icon: The Fall of Roger Clemens and the Rise of Steroids in America's Pastime, a gazillion dollars of free publicity.

The Rocket's move was so bad, it made A-Rod's kissing himself in the mirror look sensible. There were so many ridiculous parts to Roger's interview:

* His son "accidentally" interrupting him to be asked to be taken to school
* Clemens talking about his family's history of heart disease preventing him from doing steroids, and mentioning his stepfather - somebody who wasn't related to him - as an example
* How much he talked about his charity work, as if that negates everything else said about him
* His continuing to characterize Andy Pettitte as "misremembering"

For some reason, Mike and Mike stuck to steroids, and didn't ask him about the women. Or about his penchant for icy hot linament on a certain body part. Thank goodness for small favors.

What do you think of Roger Clemens? Leave us a comment!


NAM said...


I thought the whole this was bizarre as well. And stupid on Clemens's part.

The Emperor said...

I consider myself a fair-minded rational person. I completely undrstand the reason why athletes don't come forward and outright volunteer that they did PEDs if they weren't caught. So much is at stake and the backlash of public outrage would be overwhelming, plus there would be swarms of investigators demanding the player give up more names, which would violate the agreement with the Players' Union and the player would be blacklisted by MLB forever (see Jose Conseco).

But...what Clemens is doing is not only offensive to us fans, it's pathetic and rather pitiful. Just like Bonds, he's actually arrogant and souped-up enough to think that because he's been such a prolific athlete that no one has the right to challenge him.

At least Pettitte, Giambi and A-Rod admitted it when they were caught.

acapelad said...

the book went from # 2000 on amazon to # 100 yesterday. good move rog .....

yeah that "interruption" was pathetic. first of all why would he schedule his first interview in a year at the same time that he had to drive his kids to school. and then he says "i'll drive you to school IN A MINUTE" when he was just starting the interview.

he is psychopathic. and sad.

Paul from Boston said...

The stepdad thing had me in stitches. Not really sure why he thought he should do the interview - I don't think it hurt, but it didn't really do him any good.

JB in Seattle said...

Haven't listened to it because I just think it will be all lies. But you're right - he is making A-Rod look good in the 'how to manage your image' space.

With respect to the Selena Roberts book, do you think any of the Yankee beat writers will actually review the book for their newspapers? I am just wondering because there does not seem to be a lot of back-up for many of the claims (like you said - not buying the book, not planning on reading it either). And I wonder if her peers will call her out on it?

Subway Squawkers said...

JB, Peter Abraham is the only beat writer I've seen who reviewed the book - he wrote about the book on his blog. And Neil Best, Newsday columnist, also reviewed it. Those are the only two I've seen so far.

I reviewed it last week - I didn't exactly give it a rave!

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