Monday, May 4, 2009

Squawker shocker: I got a Yankees-Red Sox ticket for half-price!

Want to know how soft the market is for Yankee Stadium tickets, even against the Boston Red Sox, the team's biggest rival? This afternoon on StubHub I was able to purchase a Terrace ticket, which has a face value of $50, for $25.50 for tonight's game. This was just after I bought a $23 grandstand ducat for $20 for tomorrow's game.

As I have written before, the Yankees secondary ticket market - StubHub, eBay, etc. - is a great place to find good ticket deals. But even I was surprised to see so many good deals for Yankees-Red Sox.

StubHub still currently has 3500 tickets left for tonight's game, and over 6000 for tomorrow. And it looks like many of the tickets are selling for below face value. In some cases, for way below face value!

Anyhow, if you want to go to Yankees-Red Sox tonight or tomorrow, go check it out. I'm not trying to be an infomercial or anything - just wanted readers to know that if they want to go to Yankees-Red Sox, they still have a great chance of getting decently priced tickets.

I'm off to the game in a bit. One other note - I got my copy of Selena Roberts' book "A-Rod" from Harper Collins today, so I will be reading it on the ferry and subway on the way to and from the Stadium. Should I cover up the book in a plain brown wrapper or something?

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