Saturday, May 23, 2009

Video killed the bullpen star

Only five days ago, the Mets lost a devastating game when the umps took the go-ahead run off the board after Ryan Chuch missed third base.

Tonight, the Mets won a thrilling game when the umps put the go-ahead runs on the board after video replay reversed the call on Omir Santos' ball that just cleared the Green Monster, turning it into an unlikely home run.

If this turns out to be a magical year for the Mets, tonight's game will be seen as one of the first signs. It still doesn't seem possible that the Mets actually won the game tonight. Look at all that had to go right:

Santos was a third-string catcher batting with two outs against star closer Jonathan Papelbon, who had not blown a save all year. If Jerry Manuel did not have a depleted bench, he might well have pinch hit for Santos.

Instant replay on disputed homers did not become a rule until late last season. Before that, Santos would be on second and Sheffield on third. And Papelbon very likely would have gotten out of it and the Red Sox would have won.

Even when the ball was called a homer, the Mets still had to contend with Francisco Rodriguez being unavailable. Every ball hit off of J.J. Putz was hard-hit. Two of them required great plays by the Mets' infield.

The infield of Daniel Murphy, Luis Castillo, Ramon Martinez and David Wright preserving the lead might have been the biggest miracle of all.

And this all came after Josh Beckett allowed no earned runs in eight innings.

Papelbon blowing the game came only hours after another top closer, Brad Lidge, blew a lead and the game against the Yankees. But as dramatic as that win was, Alex Rodriguez hitting a homer is slightly more expected than Santos belting one out in that spot.

The one dark cloud was yet another injury. K-Rod went to the hospital in an ambulance for back spasms. Sportsticker just reported that the Mets say he took an ambulance to avoid traffic.

So the week begins with Martinez rushing to Dodger Stadium with a police escort and ends with K-Rod rushing to the hospital in an ambulance. Let's hope K-Rod is OK - Mets magic can only overcome so many injuries.

I thought the Mets would get swept in Fenway and I'm glad to be wrong. But I still have a chance to be right about a sweep!

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nutballgazette said...

What a day for both Yankee and Met fans, This may be the first time that fans of both teams were so thrilled with each other with such dramatic come from behind wins.

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