Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can somebody please tell Joe Torre to just shut up about the Yankees already?

It's funny. Joe Torre accused Alex Rodriguez of wanting to be the center of attention with the Yankees, but if there is anybody who constantly seeks the spotlight, it's St. Joe himself. And it - shocker - usually involves talking about his old team, instead of his new team.

And as long as he's going to keep on yakking about the Yankees, I'm going to keep on proving the disingenuousness of his comments. Like yesterday, when Joe talked about the Bombers before last night's Dodgers' game. He told reporters that he still follows - and roots for - the Yankees:

“I have to pull for them. People think because you leave the Yankees and supposedly you’re unhappy with each other that you’re supposed to pull against them."

Supposedly unhappy, Joe? Really? You're the one who called a $5 million contract offer (with an additional $3 milion in incentives) "an insult." You're the one who wrote a tell-all book on the Yankees, betraying clubhouse confidences.

But hey, it's not like anybody else is going to call you on this. After all, you wrote that David Wells was a bad influence on Sidney Ponson in the Yankee clubhouse, even though the two pitchers were never even teammates. And nobody ever asked you about this egregious error.

Teflon Torre also said:

"But I can’t pull against the individuals over there, least of all Girardi who played for me, coached for me. I recommended him when he had his first managing job. This kid is going to be one of the top managers. This I know is a dream job for him and I’m glad things are getting better for him."

This "kid" is 44 years old. 44 isn't a kid anymore. And it's condescending for you, Joe, to call him that. When you were 37 years old and managing the Mets, would you have liked it if somebody called you a kid? No, I think you would have given that infamous Torre glare over that.

As for not being able to "pull against the individuals over there," you did it with A-Rod, when he was on your own team! And Johnny Damon, and any other player who didn't fit into your little four-rings clique. Spare me the sanctimony, please. And just shut up about the Yankees already (Mike and Mike ought to give you their Just Shut Up award!) I'll stop complaining about you when you stop talking about the Yanks. Deal?

* * *

I was reminded of St. Joe's last "triumph" as a Yankee last night with all the bugs in Cleveland. And with Fausto Carmona pitching against the Yanks - and losing.

What was up with the non-reception for CC Sabathia? It was like he was just any other pitcher, not somebody who once starred for Cleveland. I'm glad he won, and I was hoping CC would have a no-hitter last night, but it was not to be. At least Michael Kay didn't jinx it, though!

There were still a lot of bugs in that ballpark - and seagulls. Maybe it's because "The Birds" traumatized me when I was a kid, but all those birds flapping their wings really freaked me out last night!

Speaking of CC, John Flaherty said the pitcher spent in the five figures to take his teammates to that Cavs game. That's something.

The Yanks are on a roll, but they had better beat Carl Pavano today. That is all.

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Anonymous said...

God, are you stupid. He was asked a question and he answered it. And my grandfather called everybody "kid" out of affection.

Your blog sucks, too.

Lisa Swan said...

Thanks for reading my blog, even though it "sucks" and I'm "stupid." Keep those page views a-coming!

Anonymous said...

What he said

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

That comment must have been posted by Joe Torre himself! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

anonymous is a little harsh. gotta ask who the real stupid one is, reading and posting on a blog you think is stupid! obviously a met fan, right grandpa?
as for torre, he did answer a question and said nothing negative about the yankees. I think you might have a bit of a thing for classy Joe. how about a little gratitude for what he did for you guys? sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Yankee fan and this is the first time I have seen your blog and it will be the last time because of your ignorant comments. The other anonymous comment is absolutely right. He was just answering a question and it's fine that he is still interested on how his old team is doing. I'm not happy about his book but there is no law against cheering for your old team that you managed for so many years. I'm sure a lot of Yankee players (and fans) still love and appreciate what he did for our team.

So if someone needs to shut up, it should be you about Joe! Leave him alone!

Uncle Mike said...

I don't know the "Anonymous" questioning Lisa's intelligence is, nor do I care. He was way out of line. He sounds high, he should be far, he should be... gone.

However... He may have just been thinking of all that Joe Torre did for the Yankees. I'm not going to tell him to shut up. And let's face it, Lisa: Ripping Torre (6 Pennants and 4 World Championships without steroids) and defending Alex Rodriguez (none of either with steroids) is a little dubious. But that's a long way from having a blog that sucks.

And, of course, the greatest Yankee of them all, Babe Ruth, called everybody "kid." But KM knew that... or he would have, if he weren't a Met fan and totally ignorant of history. (You wanna call me "Grandpa," I get to take shots, too.)

Alan said...

Joe Torre batting A-Rod 8th against Detroit is an indication of what type of manager he is.

In another playoff elimination, he benched Giambi and batted Soriano 9th.

Get in his dog-house and he'll keep you there, even if it means losing.

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

In the great book "Baseball between the numbers" there is a chapter called "Is Joe Torre a Hall of Famer?" which questions the true value of a manager.
There were geniuses like Casey Stengel and Billy Martin. And there are support characters like Joe Torre.
He rode a championship on a team built by Gene Michael and Buck Showalter, just like he is know with a team built with Paul DePodesta.

Uncle Mike said...

Alvaro, in case you haven't noticed, the only title Buck Showalter ever won was a Division Title with the '99 Diamondbacks. And then he lost in the first round to the Mets. So, chances are, if the '94 season had reached a conclusion, he probably would have lost the Pennant anyway.

Show me another manager who could have done what Torre did from 1996 to 2003, and I'll show you a very dead Ol' Perfesser.

Anonymous said...

Take all the shots you want, I welcome them. Interesting that you knew who I was referring to with Grandpa though.

As for Torre, he is no Bobby Valentine, but he did do a good job with the yankees while he was there. Some of you guys have very short memories to just disregard the man. I agree that they would have won with just about any other manager, well maybe not Willie, but he did a good job managing the players he had.

Alan said...

You know what would be great? Both the Yankees and Dodgers making the World Series and the Yankees winning it.

I would love to see Joe's post game interviews then :-)

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