Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jose Reyes, Mets are day-to-day-to-day-to-day...

Why can't the Mets deal with injuries in a straightforward manner? From Ryan Church last year to Johan Santana in spring training, players, coaches and front office often do not seem on the same page. And now a decision on whether Jose Reyes will go on the disabled list has been put off until Friday, which will be sixteen days since he first got hurt.

By not putting Reyes on the DL, the Mets are suggesting that he is not that badly hurt. Every day we keep hearing that he is about to return. Jerry Manuel says that 80% of Reyes is better than most alternatives. The implication is that management wants Reyes back now and that he could play if he really wanted to.

If Reyes does go on the DL, the Mets will finally admit that he really is hurt, but by then the DL stint, which would start retroactively on May 20, would be more than half over.

With Ryan Church also unable to play, the Mets' bench is two men down. Carlos Beltran is going for an MRI on his knee tomorrow. Ramon Martinez nearly missed the game tonight. Gary Sheffield is now a full-time outfielder for the first time since 2005. This is no time for a depleted bench.

And it is no time to make one of your core players look bad. Met players shouldn't have to undergo surgery or be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance to prove that they are hurt.

Only two days after that ambulance picked up Francisco Rodriguez, he was pitching tonight and converting his thirteenth straight save chance. K-Rod was praised on the air for inspiring his teammates with his quick return. K-Rod deserves the praise, but if a player is unable to rush back, he - and his team - should not be left in limbo.

Now the Mets have created a situation in which Reyes either comes back in a few days before he is ready, and runs the risk of further injury, or he goes on the DL and six days later, the daily questions begin anew.

Having inadequate backups for Reyes and Alex Cora is not Reyes' fault. It is Omar Minaya's.

What do you think of the way the Mets have handled Reyes' injury?


Anonymous said...

it's ridiculous, the way they handle injuries. granted, they have bupkus to replace these guys, but let's get them healthy so we have them for the long haul, instead of risking further injury and having to deal with ramon martinez on a prolonged period.

Uncle Mike said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Mets are doing just fine without Reyes. Maybe they should trade him for something of value.

Anonymous said...

Jose Reyes' biggest weapon is speed, yet they would rather try to force him in early against the Nats and Pirates. It doesn't make any sense at all. They're 1/2 game out with a soft schedule, call up a kid to play and DL Reyes already. Why would you take the chance of messing up his legs before the stretch run?

Michael in California

guinness said...

I think there are probably a couple of sides to this. First, Reyes is probably begging not to go on the DL because he doesn't want people to think the leg issues he had his first season are back. Second, why put him on the DL when there's a soft schedule this week? It's doubtful we'll need a full bench this week so why not wait until Friday? Third, putting Reyes on the DL means that Minaya will have to call up a shortstop from the minors and it will show that we have no one adequate at that position there.


Anonymous said...

His leg injuries from his first season were with his hamstrings, not his calf. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows they have no adequate solution there, its not a big secret. And the reason I say to DL him is because I would rather have him not come back until he is 100%. We are talking about his legs here, and if he doesn't take the time to heal and re-injures it in a week on a steal attemp or aggressive running, they are up the creek without a paddle.

Michael in California

Anonymous said...

The mets are not the same without jose jose jose jose!its sad and depressing!!

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