Friday, May 8, 2009


From Dr. K on, fans have put up K's to celebrate strikeouts. This week, Met fans could have set up a K Korner for K-Rod. Francisco Rodriguez now has four saves in four days. Nine saves with no blown saves.

I've been to one regular-season game so far at Citi Field - April 24 against Washington - and it was notable in retrospect for two reasons. The Mets scored four runs for Johan Santana - the biggest total for him so far in a game. What must Santana have been thinking when the Mets scored four runs in the first inning tonight?

April 24 was also the only time all season so far that K-Rod has given up any earned runs, a two-run homer to Jesus Flores that cut the lead to 4-3. But K-Rod still picked up the save.

K-Rod was far from the only reason the Mets swept the Phillies in the two-game series, but his importance can't be overstated when one considers that the Phillies were behind, 7-1, but, as usual, battled back to make it a close game. But unlike the last part of last season, the Mets were able to shut the door.

I don't agree with all of Omar Minaya's decisions, but the most important thing he had to do in the offseason was get a top closer, and that's just what he did.

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