Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jim Leyritz says he is not suicidal; blames 'spicy food' for breathalyzer failure

Jim Leyritz was in the news this week after he was hospitalized after failing a breathalyzer test, and a friend of Subway Squawkers has the scoop on what really happened with the former Yankee this week.

Miami radio host Larry Milian, whose show I've been on many times, spoke with Leyritz today on The Larry Milian Show on WTFL 640 AM (click here to listen to the program). This was the athlete's most extensive interview since his name recently made the headlines.

Leyritz, who is awaiting trial for on DUI manslaughter charges, told Milian that he "panicked" after failing his car's breathalyzer test twice. Leyritz said the results came after eating chicken wings, cupcakes, peanut butter cookies, and green tea at his ex-wife's house. He said he called up the people who administer the machine, and they said spicy food - namely, the chicken wings - caused the positive result.

To protect himself, he went to court right after he failed the machine's test, so that he could take a urine test to prove he hadn't been drinking.

But in the meantime, a friend he had vented to over the phone in New Jersey called 911 about him. Then several police came to his house to check on his state of mind. Leyritz was taken to the hospital by the cops. Leyritz agreed to go to the hospital and stayed overnight.

Friday, a judge ruled that his breathalyzer test machine most likely malfunctioned, as the his blood alcohol level test results were clean.

The ex-player said he is not suicidal. "I'm not T.O, I can't say I have 25 million reasons to live, but I have three boys" that he is raising, Leyritz said. "There is nothing that could drive me to taking myself away from them."

"I've cooperated with everything the state has asked me to do. Have I been in agreement with everything? No. But at the same time, how am I going to argue," he said.

"It's really scary" that the machine could malfunction, Leyritz told Milian. "I could go to jail for something I didn't do."

His life since he was originally arrested has been "very trying" and "very tough," saying that he had been under a lot of stress as of late. "I've really worked hard trying to live as normal as I can."

Leyritz said he can no longer financically support his family, and has had to sell off memorabilia. He also said he has relying on religious faith to get him through this situation.

The athlete told Milian he has passed "5,528" breathalyzer tests, as he has had to use breathalyzer tests in his car in order to operate the machinery, and he had the machine in his house as well for three months.

Leyritz is still awaiting trial.

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