Monday, June 29, 2009

Gotta go to Mo for 500th save - and first career RBI!

How sweep it is!

The Yankees made history a few times last night. Not only did Mariano Rivera get his 500th save (and his first-ever RBI!), but the Yanks' sweep of the Mets is the first-ever one in Citi Field.

Here was another historical moment last night - Squawker Jon and I actually agreed on something baseball-related!

As soon as Francisco Rodriguez started to intentionally walk Derek Jeter in the ninth inning to load the bases, Jon said it was a bad idea. I agreed - it made no sense, especially given that third base, not first, was the open base.

I also said to Jon that all it would take to add another run was for Rodriguez to end up walking Mariano Rivera. And that's exactly what happened, of course! How funny.

The game was also the first time Chien-Ming Wang won a game in over a year. Everybody, Wang won last night (everybody, Wang won last night!)

Anyhow, after that three-run first inning for the Yanks (which Daniel Murphy helped with his shoddy defense), I expected the game to be a blowout. But Livan Hernandez was surprisingly effective for the rest of the game, giving up only one hit.

While it's not like the Mets are a Murderer's Row right now, Wang still only gave up two runs.

And David Wright didn't get a hit the entire weekend. What's up with that?

* * *

A few other observations from the game:

We got to the game early enough to brave the Shake Shack lines. But even 90 minutes before the game, the wait was still a good 15 minutes long!

Later on in the game, we shared fries from Box Frites. They were good, although I thought the Shake Shack fries were a bit better. And the Box Frites sauces were not very good. We've tried three sauces this season with those fries - the bacon, chipotle, and pepperoncini ones, and found all of them mediocre.

While I didn't bring a broom, another Yankee fan did. But it was confiscated - to the cheers of Mets fans - when he waved the broom around in the ninth inning.

Squawker reader Jennie stopped by our seats to say hello before the game. It was very cool to meet her.

Not much back-and-forth chanting at this game until the ninth inning. It would have been a run-of-the-mill game, until one closer walked another closer to walk in a run. How often does that happen!

I'm wondering where this game ranks for worst Met loss of the year. And to think that Jon and I were at three of the six Subway Series games, and the Yanks won all three. Whoo-hoo!

What did you think of last night's game? Leave us a comment!


Jonmouk71 said...

What's happening to D Wright reminds me of what happened to Bobby Murcer when he went to Shea when Yankee Stadium was being rebuilt. Power numbers went way down. Then Gabe Paul shipped Murcer out of NY for Bobby Bonds at the end of the year. Omar probably ships D Wright out for Prince (I'm fatter than Mo Vaughn or CC) at the end of the year......

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa ..

I spoke to Jennie too ..then I went over to your section to say hi but I guess you were still hunting up I was in 335 ...just a few sections over.

What can anyone say about Mo ...he's one magnificent player and even moreso a wonderful person. Class personified ...all ballplayers should take lessons from this truly outstanding human being. Congrats on the 500th save AND the rbi... especially sweet since it came off of K-Rod... :o).

Yipeee for Wang and his first win...hopefully with many more to follow. This rotation can become one of the best in baseball if Joba has less walks & more innings..Wang gets closer to old form...Pettitte has his typical second half..CC & AJ just keep doing their thing. The bullpen has been holding up their end of the bargain too by pitching some good ball of late.

I liked Citifield ...especially the Blue Smoke Ribs ..Yummy !! I didn't like the scoreboards ...the screens get lost in all the advertising. Didn't care for the Rotunda ..looks like a train station and I still think it should be named after the most important MET (Seaver)not a Dodger (even if it is Jackie). It's fine to honor Jackie but he could have had a less significant tribute being he wasn't a Met. If you didn't see some Met items the big Apple and the sign over the Shake Shake you could have been in any other ballpark. It's easy enough to fix ...add more Mets stuff but on a whole ...nice place...just didn't feel like a Met place whereas Yankee Stadium still gave me a feel of the old place because of it's shape and similarities. I'm sure Citifield will feel more like home in a year or two AND it certainly is an HUGE improvement over Shea.

One thing I know for sure ...the Yankees LOVE Citifield..haha.

Hoping the Yankees keep up their winning ways....


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Paul from Boston said...

"Everybody, Wang won last night"? Brilliant - although now I have the song stuck in my head.

Obviously when the Sox lose I want the Yankees to lose all the more - no different last night. So if the Yankees must win then at least let it have some interesting sub-plots. I actually regret not watching the 9th inning (although Sinatra Sunday at my local bar was lots of fun).

So I'll take my Sox hat off for a moment and say congrats to Mo on both #500 and #1. I don't suspect we'll see anything like that again any time soon.

Cheers from rainy Boston!

NAM said...

Congratulations to Mo! Well done and fun to watch.

Uncle Mike said...

Lisa: You may have been channeling "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight," but for a little while I had the even worse Proclaimers in my head: "I would save 500 games... "

Let's rub it in a little: Mariano should have been singing Fats Domino's "I'm Walkin'." Or, considering they were in Queens, Run-DMC's reworking of "Walk This Way." (Not sure who did it originally, but they couldn't have come from anywhere special.)

Jonmouk: Nice jab at the Mets there, but as Maxwell Smart would say, there's just one flaw in your plan! Prince Fielder is young, healthy, and still quite valuable. Mo Vaughn, by the time the Mets got him, was old, broken-down, and washed-up. The Mets aren't going to get Fielder for at least eight more years. Unless you mean his dad Cecil, who would fit the description... Chuckle chuckle smirk smirk...

On a related subject (if you'll pardon the pun)... How come nobody's ever suggested Cecil might be on steroids? After all, he was the only man between 1977 and 1996 -- the only ALer between 1961 and 1996! -- to hit 50 home runs in a season, and hit some really long ones, and then, after that '96 title... he pretty much disappeared. What happened? Steroid-induced injuries?

Jonmouk71 said...

The only steroids that Cecil ever took were the ones fed to the cows that made the burgers he was consuming every night.

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