Friday, June 12, 2009

My predictions for the Subway Series

It took a last-minute purchase on StubHub ($39 each for two $23 grandstand tickets), but the Subway Squawkers will be going to the Subway Series tonight. Hooray!

In honor of the Subway Series, Joe D of the Mets Merized Online fan site interviewed Squawker Jon and me about the blog. Very cool experience! Thanks, Joe!

Joe asked us if we thought these interleague rivalry games should be cut from six to three. I said no, because fan interest is still high (heck, this is the first time this year I had to pay above face value for a ticket!). But I did say that I thought that the Mets-Phillies and Yankees-Red Sox should be spaced further away from this series.

The thing is, today I'm like a relief pitcher who hasn't had any time to warm up. I need to have my snappy repartee ready to mock the Mets. I need to come up with predictions skewering Squawker Jon's team. I need to have snarky comments and mocking chants ready for tonight's game.

Unfortunately, this Squawker's tank is close to empty - three nights of devastating baseball has worn me out!

And while the Yankees got pummeled by the Red Sox, I got pummeled with all my wrong predictions. Other than correctly predicting that A-Rod would get booed and hear steroids chants (not exactly going out on a limb!), virtually the only prediction I got right was that David Ortiz would hit a homer of the Yanks. Actually, he hit two, so even that guess was a little off!

Speaking of the Sox, Squawker Jon reminded me that the Mets 1) won their series with Boston, and 2) got to Jonathan Papelbon, something the Yanks haven't yet done this year. Harsh but true!

So, instead of my usual plethora of predictions, I only have a few for this weekend:

* Yankees will win the series, 2 games to 1.

* They will win tonight, since Squawker Jon will bring good luck to...the Yankees! After all the Yanks have won both games Jon saw at the new Stadium, including the great Melky walkoff hit/Brett Gardner inside the park homer game.

* The Yanks will lose Saturday, because the Mets are throwing up a no-name pitcher the Yankees have never seen.

* Here's me going out on a limb - I think A.J. Burnett and the Yanks will beat the great Johan Santana Sunday, and the divo will throw a hissy fit about something. Put it in the books!

What are your predictions? Leave us a comment!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, with the accuracy of your predictions, I would have preferred you picked the yankees to sweep!

Paul from Boston said...

Ha!! Pretty darn funny, km.

I thought all the bad weather was past the northeast...I actually have sun in my neck of the woods just outside the city. Hope it stays dry for you all who are going.

Let's go Mets!

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Left on Jons Prediction thread tonight

(Anonymous said...

Well, we got the first win, so as long as we get 1 more we beat the predictions! wow, what a game! to come back 3 times, including against mariano! that is quite a character builder for the mets!

Oops Dewey Beats Truman

Uncle Mike said...

I don't know what team Harvey Keitel roots for -- and, KM, he's even older than I am -- but it's like he said in "Pulp Fiction": Just because you ARE a character doesn't mean you HAVE character!

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