Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Looking back at our Subway Series predictions

Shocker! Squawker Jon and I actually had a few correct predictions about this weekend's Subway Series:

Jon wrote the following:

"The one game I will confidently predict is tonight's - Yankees all the way. That is because Squawker Lisa and I are now going. We have been to four games this year (including a Met exhibition) and my team has lost each time."

He got that right! Jon was the bad luck charm for his Mets - as usual!

My original prediction was Yankees taking the series, 2 games to 1, with Johan salvaging the final game. I still think that's the most likely scenario, but here's a possible twist: What if the Mets win on Saturday and lose on Sunday?

Jon's above hypothetical turned out to be right. However, his official prediction at the end of his blog entry was "Yankees win first two, Mets win on Sunday." He should have gone with the twist scenario!

One more prediction for this weekend: The Mets will hit two home runs.
Well, they hit three. Whoopee!

Here are my own predictions:
Yankees will win the series, 2 games to 1.
They will win tonight, since Squawker Jon will bring good luck to...the Yankees! After all, the Yanks have won both games Jon saw at the new Stadium, including the great Melky walkoff hit/Brett Gardner inside the park homer game.
How else to explain Luis Castillo dropping the ball? It was Squawker Jon's fault!
The Yanks will lose Saturday, because the Mets are throwing up a no-name pitcher the Yankees have never seen.
While it was accurate, this is a pretty obvious prediction. And what's up with Andy Pettitte these days? Why was he so winded?
Here's me going out on a limb - I think A.J. Burnett and the Yanks will beat the great Johan Santana Sunday, and the divo will throw a hissy fit about something. Put it in the books!
Right on two counts, although there was no hissy fit - by him at least.

I do wish I had predicted that Gary Sheffield would hit well against his old team. Incidentally, Sheffield got the most boos - by far - of any Met at Friday's game. And how about that takeout slide against Jeter on Sunday?

A few other thoughts on the Subway Series:

* I agree with Squawker Jon about the "Dancing With the Fans" stuff - the incessant images of fans making fools of themselves on the 100-foot video screen - being very annoying. A little Disco Stu goes a long way.

*The other thing I noticed was that the Stadium cameramen tried to avoid showing any Met fans on the big screen. What's up with that?

* This year seemed to have the fewest number of Met fans at the game. It seemed like maybe 20% of the crowd were Met fans, at least in our area (left field grandstand seats). And there were very few back-and-forth chants between Yankee and Met fans.

* The video screen lists A-Rod as having been acquired via free agency on December 13, 2007. Huh? We first noticed that a month ago, and it still hasn't been fixed. Sheesh.

* A good number of fans had left the Friday game before it was over. I will never understand that. You're at the Subway Series, the score has gone back and forth all evening, and you leave before it's over? It makes no sense.

What did you think of the Subway Series? Leave us a comment!


Anonymous said...

You did pretty good on the predictions Lisa..

I've been to almost all the stadiums ..19 so far and I've never seen them show fans of the other team on the video boards. Camden and the Trop are filled with Yankee fans for their games but I've never seen them show a Yankee fan ....just the hometown fans unless a fan of the other team should happen to jump in front of the camera.

As far as the fans that leave early...especially when it's a close game ...should we even refer to them as fans? I can't imagine leaving a close game early ...then again I never leave any game early ..not even the 22-4 loss against Cleveland of which I was in attendance. I'm with my team through bad times as well as good..as hard as it is to watch.
At least on Sunday it was 15-0 and I could understand the rush to get out ..especially by the Met fans.

Hoping the Yankees finish off June with a flurry of wins against the NL East...

Go Yankees 2009 !!

Anonymous said...

The little Wanger has entered the world...Justin Jesse Wang was born this morning (how American is that name...lol).

Congrats to the Wang Family.

Here's hoping little JJ's birth sets daddy back on the right track as the terrific pitcher he has been for the Yankees ...


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Uncle Mike said...

I've seen opposing fans on the board at the Prudential Center, but it's part of a game: They'll show fans in enemy jerseys, and the crowd will boo; they'll show fans in Devils jerseys, and the crowd will cheer; then they'll repeat the process several times; then they'll show a skyline shot of the opposing city and it'll be booed; then they'll show the Prudential Center and the Newark skyline and it'll be cheered.

Maybe Wang was having "sympathy symptoms." How far apart are his hanging curveballs? "Every 20 minutes... every 15 minutes... every 10 minutes... "

Anonymous said...

J.J. huh?


Anonymous said...

When I was at the game tonight ...I realized what you meant about the date with Alex. The Yankees are correct ..he opted out and that is the day he was acquired after the opt out. They go by the most recent date that they acquire a player.

As far as the game ...CC going deep in the 8th ...he's been great in saving the bullpen. Bruney looked good for his one batter...Mo his 15th save...Robbie 4 of the 8 hits..it was a fun game just a little chilly tho'...I'm happy I had my Yankee jacket with me. I also hope DJ will be ok.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's game with CMW...I hope he does well so he can not only celebrate the birth of JJ but also celebrate a victory in JJ's honor.

I'll be meeting up with Jane (She-Fan) too...can't wait to talk to the lady who makes me laugh whenever I read her blog. She's really a hoot ...

Good night ..sleep tight ..don't let the bedbugs bite...


Go Yankees 2009 !!

Subway Squawkers said...

Peggy, I don't think that acquisition date thing makes sense, though. Do they have Andy Pettitte's acquisition date as this January? His contract expired, and it looked like he could have gone elsewhere before re-signing.

Hopefully, we'll see you tonight at Jane's thing!

Anonymous said...

Since the pitchers aren't in the lineups I guess they don't have their acquistion dates posted on the board.
At least I don't recall seeing any for the pitchers.

I spoke with a friend at the Yankees this morning and she confirmed that was how it works...date of the last acquistion of the player. I guess they could write re-acquired. Anyway ..whatever ...not that big a deal to me. Alex hitting like he use to is more important at this point in time.

It would be fun to meet tonight ..I'm going to ask the boss if I can leave a little early so I'm hoping to be there around
5:00-5:15. I'll have my #7 pinstripe jersey on...

Hope Wanger does his thing ...sink, sink, sink ...


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

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