Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jonathan Papelbon says 'of course' he would consider being a Yankee one day

Think having Pedro Martinez as a Yankee would be a hard sell? Well, how about Jonathan Papelbon in pinstripes?

The Red Sox reliever, who is eligible for free agency in 2011, talked on SIRIUS XM Radio's MLB Home Plate channel today about whether he ever would consider switching sides and becoming a Yankee:

Host, Jody McDonald: “If you couldn’t work out a contract with the Red Sox before free agency comes up and you eventually become a free agent, is the Bronx ever a possibility?”

Jonathan Papelbon: “Oh, of course. I mean, I think if we can’t come to an agreement on terms here in a Red Sox uniform, I mean, I think that’s pretty much the writing on the wall. If they can’t come to terms with you they’re letting you know that, ‘Hey you know what? We can go somewhere else.’ And I think it’s the same way on the other side, ‘Hey if ya’ll can’t come to an agreement with me then I can go somewhere else.’ Not only in the Bronx, but anywhere. I think anywhere is a possibility. You always have to keep that in the back of your mind because you can’t just be one-sided and think that, ‘Oh I’m going to be in a Red Sox uniform my entire career.’ Because nowadays that is very, very rare and hopefully we can because there’s no question I would love to stay in a Boston Red Sox uniform but I have to do what’s best for me and play in an atmosphere where I’m wanted and play on a team where I’m wanted and that’s all I can really say about that, you know?”

Quotes courtesy of Sirius/XM Radio

Good answer, Jonathan! We all know how live-and-let-live Boston fans are! I'm sure they'll understand you considering to be a Yankee if it were best for you (Translation - if the Steinbrenner family backs up the Brinks truck to the Papelbon home.) The Red Sox fans will be cool with you playing in the Bronx. Just as long as you're happy, dude!

And I'm sure Yankee fans will have no hard feelings about the way you wanted to be the closer instead of Mariano Rivera in last year's All-Star Game. Or how you taunted fans with your ring at the All-Star Parade. Not to mention all the big games you closed against the Yanks.

Besides, your mature and thoughtful actions have endeared you to me and to our readers. From your lovely dance steps to your demure post-game celebrations, you've been a real class act. Why, if you become a Yankee, we'll call you Cinco Dopo with affection!

Okay, now we will enter the sarcasm-free portion of this blog entry. In this radio interview, Papelbon showed why I call him Cinco Dopo. Here's how the closer should have answered that question about free agency:

"Jody, I'm just playing them one game at a time and focusing on doing whatever I can to help the Red Sox win a few more World Championships. Love that dirty water!"

Instead, Papelbon was honest that he is going to do what's best for him. Which is the way nearly all of these guys feel. Most of them know enough not to say that, though.

But he's not going to get any points for candor. Boston fans will be displeased with him even considering putting on the pinstripes, and Yankee fans don't want to imagine what it would be like if Papelbon turned sides.

So yeah, my Yankees may have just suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the lowly Washington Nationals, but at least I know that Boston fans will feel a little hot under the collar over what Papeblbon said. And another closer, the Mets' Francisco Rodriguez, just got beaten by the Orioles. Thank goodness for small favors!

What do you think of what Jonathan Papelbon said? Leave us a comment!


The Omnipotent Q said...

I like Papelbon's honesty. I hope he stays, and I bet he will, but if he can't reach a deal with the Sox, both sides will move on. (And the Sox have Daniel Bard as a viable alternative.) At least he's not a BS artist like Damon, who said he'd never go to the Yankees during the 2005 season.

161ststreet said...

I hope he goes to the Rockies or the D'Backs where I never have to see him again.

Paul from Boston said...

I credit him with being honest and "never saying never" - that really was what got me hot under the collar about Damon.

Its June '09 - I don't want to hear about his plans for his contract (which is in '11 I think) - I want to hear about what he's doing to improve. He has a lot of saves but very few of them were lights out.

His comments don't really say anything and as long as he wears a Sox uniform I'll root and hope for the best when he's on the mound. I don't think I'll ever count him as a player I like - but that's going to happen from time to time.

Well I was partially right - although the Yanks got all 9, Sox game was only 5+ innings. Hoping mother nature finds a nice window between late tonight and midday tomorrow to get the next lousy storm through - I have tickets for Saturday's game.

Happy Friday everyone!

Nate said...

TOQ & Paul are right on. We Sox fans get upset when someone says they WON'T go to the Yankees, and then they do. That's pandering. Papelbon has never made anyone think he'd settle for less than the top dollar, and everyone in the world knows that puts the Yankees in the mix.

Honestly, I've wanted a Papelbon trade for a while now. His value is so high right now and the Sox have bullpen coming out their ears.

Greg said...

As a Yankees fan, sure I would love to see a player of Papelbon's quality become the closer after Mo....I just don't want it to be him....I still have plenty of trouble rooting for Damon...even though he has played allright for us and has been pretty likeable. Most Yankees fans used to see the Sox as the annoying little brother who could never get up to our level...well now they are light years ahead of us and we are eating the humble pie...myself included. I don't like their pink hatted fans with the jerseys that still have the tags on them...and really dislike their players...especially Youk and Paps..we hate them....they hate us...that is the natural order of things...lets hope it stays that way...VOTE FOR NO PEDRO!

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