Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's better - Citi Field or Yankee Stadium?

WNBC has one of their "Golden Local Debates" going on. They're asking New Yorkers to weigh in on which stadium is better - Yankee Stadium or Citi Field. This poll is unique in that it lets you vote, as well as leave comments explaining your pick.

Currently, Citi Field is leading Yankee Stadium, 51% to 49%, with six days left to vote.

Click here to have your voice heard in the debate.


Anonymous said...

Since I haven't been to Citifield yet I couldn't really say. I'll be going during the Mets/Yankees series and reserve judgement till then. So far the best thing I have heard about Citifield is that everyone loves the ribs...guess that's what I'm trying when I do go. I've been to Yankee Stadium 10 times and I've had great experiences with personnel, food and finally with games too .. :o). I saw a few tough losses there (22-4 game, Boston game in rain till 1:30 am, etc.)but now I seem to be on a winning streak along with the Yankees.

I've heard pros and cons about both places and in truth I bet the majority of the people who vote haven't seen one or the other yet. My biggest gripe in Yankee Stadium is Monument's too enclosed and dreary. I liked when it was out in the open air and you could see it from anywhere you sat. I do love the new Museum's pretty nice.

I'm happy with the new Stadium. I like my seats even tho' I'm in the upper deck I have a great view. The old Stadium will always be near and dear to my heart especially since I saw the ORIGINAL Stadium when Mick played but the creature comforts of the new Stadium are pretty nice ESPECIALLY the elevators. I'm out in less than 2 minutes from the top level ...LOVE THAT !!!

Citifield looks nice on TV ..I'm looking forward to seeing it in person at the end of the month.

Go Yankees 2009 !!

Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Mayweather vs. Marquez said...

I go for Yankee Stadium for it's the only I have been seen in the television so far. :)

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