Monday, June 29, 2009

Time to gloat and do the Snoopy dance over the Yankees sweeping the Mets

I guess I should be all empathetic and make murmuring noises to Squawker Jon about how I feel bad for him that his Mets got swept by the Yankees. Because he and his fellow Met fans would do the same for us, right? Wrong.

C'mon, who are we kidding here? If the Mets swept the Yanks, Jon would be doing the Snoopy Dance and talking trash about the Yankees, as would many of his Met fan brethren. You know, like the way they did last year, when the Mets beat the Yanks 4 out of 6 games.

To the victor goes the spoils and all that jazz. If you want to dish it out, you have to be able to take it, too.

And while I have complained about how some Yankee fans have been leaving games early, Met fans were just as guilty of that this weekend. Don't complain about the Yankee fans taking over your ballpark if you don't stand up for your team and stay for the whole game.

I've also heard some Met fans act as if they should get a pass because of how many regulars are on the DL. Yet they didn't cut the Yankees any slack last year when the Bombers were ravaged by injuries. Nor would the Yanks have gotten a pass this year, even though so many of their players, including the captain, were sick with the flu this weekend.

Besides, the Met losses in the Subway Series had little to do with injuries. Let's review the five Yankee wins/Met losses:
  • Game 1 - Luis Castillo drops the ball. Nothing to do with injuries, unless you call catching the ball with one hand an affliction.
  • Game 3 - Johan Santana is touted by Mets fans as the best pitcher in baseball. Yet he had his worst start ever against the Yankees, and the Mets lost, 15-0, with Santana giving up 9 runs. Even if the Mets had scored more runs, it's kind of hard to overcome a 15 run deficit!
  • Game 4 - Are brain cramps considered an injury? If so, the Mets are tremendously afflicted with them, given that the three errors they committed in one inning helped the Yanks get a 4-0 lead.
  • Game 5 - A.J. Burnett only gave up one hit to the Mets. Maybe having the full lineup would have helped the Mets, but even David Wright and Gary Sheffield were unable to do anything against the Yankee pitcher.
  • Game 6 - Again, sloppy play and brain cramps, which contributed to the Yankees getting three runs in the first inning, contributed to the loss, as did the extremely dopey decision to walk Derek Jeter to load the bases. And I always hear from Met fans about what a great closer Francisco Rodriguez is. Well, how in the world did he walk a reliever pitcher who has had all of two regular-season at-bats? Besides, the Mets got essentially shut down by Chien-Ming Wang, somebody whose ERA was 34.50 not too long ago.
As for the other usual Met fan complaint - payroll disparity - why did their team essentially stop spending after picking up Francisco Rodriguez last year, and why haven't they tried to make a trade now? After all, the Mets are making money hand over fist with the new ballpark, especially on the food. Tell Frugal Freddy to open up his wallet!

At any rate, Yankee fans have the right to do the Snoopy Dance today. Enjoy!


Uncle Mike said...

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our respects to the recently departed, the New York Mets, who died last night at the age of 47.

He was afflicted with all kinds of maladies. Dropsy. A control problem. Walking pnuemonia. A general listlessness. All kinds of bumps and bruises. And no way to relieve it.

The coroner, a man in a Pinstriped suit, Dr. Mariano Rivera, pronounced him dead last night, in his new home. He took one more walk around the body, just to be sure.

Survivors include some children, including Jose and David; a wife, Cyndi Lauper (hey, she's from Queens, and yes, "She's So Unusual"); many brothers and sisters, such as Jon Lewin, Greg Prince, Jerry Seinfeld, Gary Cohen and Joe Benigno; an uncle, Ed Koch; some gorgeous ex-girlfriends, including Susan Sarandon and Glenn Close; a spiritual adviser, named Metstradamus; and a pet, Mr. Met.

In lieu of flowers, watch the Yankees. Your tears will soon stop.

Gloating is very underrated.

She-Fan said...

Lisa, how much did you love writing that post. LOL. Of course we should do the Snoopy dance. I hope there are many more such dances in our future.

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