Saturday, June 27, 2009

At least it wasn't a no-hitter

Oh for the good old days when the Mets would blow leads late. Even the Luis Castillo game is starting to look good by comparison. How often do the Mets look like they have a chance in the late innings these days?

As soon as the Yankees erupted for four runs in the sixth, the game was over. Last night, the game ended in the second inning. The 11-0 game Wednesday turned out to be even more of an anomaly than feared - the Mets have only 11 hits in the four other games played around it.

The Mets have faced three top pitchers in a row - Chris Carpenter, CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett - and might have been hard-pressed to score a lot of runs with their regular lineup. But it's one thing to get a couple of runs and another to fight to avoid a no-hitter for the second night in a row.

Tomorrow, the Mets face the Yankees' version of Oliver Perez - Chien-Ming Wang. Let's hope the Mets don't have to worry about breaking up a no-hitter this time around. Monday, the Mets face old friend Braden Looper.

But later in the week, the Mets must go up against the Brewers' Yovani Gallardo and the Phillies' Cole Hamels. At least Hamels probably won't be able to call the Mets choke artists this time around - you have to have a lead to be able to choke it away.


Squawker Lisa and I will be at tomorrow night's game, and it could get ugly. It wouldn't surprise me if some Yankee fans bring brooms to the game (I think Lisa is painting pinstripes on a broom now). Let's hope security has something to say about fans bringing wooden sticks to the game. It could end up being like braving Bat Day in the bad old days of the Bronx.

But just when the Mets seem completely out of it, they have always risen from the dead so far this year. I thought the Yankees would take two of three this weekend, and it could still happen. Leave that broom at home, Lisa!

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