Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still plenty of good tickets available for Citi Field's Subway Series

For all the hullabaloo and to-do over unsold Yankee tickets at premium games, it looks like their crosstown rivals are having similar problems. Believe it or not, the Mets still have Subway Series tickets for sale.

Here's the story. If you'll remember, for most of the season, the only way to get guaranteed Subway Series tickets for Citi Field this year was either to buy some partial season ticket plan or pack or whatever they call it in Metsland.

And a few weeks ago, had their annual drawing for the opportunity to buy Subway Series tickets. Squawker Jon and I both registered for it, as we've done each year.

But this is the first year one of us actually got chosen. Jon's name was drawn last week, so he had the opportunity to buy four tickets. He got ducats for us for Friday and Sunday.

Jon and I were all pleased with our luck. Then a few days later, I was surprised when I got picked for the second chance ticket-buying opportunity. I passed on it, as I was out of town for the weekend. But I wondered why the tickets weren't sold.

Then this morning, I see in my email yet another ticket-buying opportunity - this one for the general public - for this weekend's series. Granted, all the cheap seats are gone. But there are still other seats available. I was offered Caesars Club Bronze tickets for each of the game. At $161 a ducat, they're too rich for my blood, but they're a bargain compared to the $900 tickets the Yanks still have available for Yankees-Red Sox.

The Mets, of course, still have some of their most expensive tickets - the Delta Club Gold ones - available. They will set you back $525 a piece. Again, compared to Yankee tickets, they are a bargain.

Granted, the Mets are drawing just under 39,000 a game, in a 44,000 or so capacity stadium (42,000 seats plus standing room.) But, much like Yankee Stadium, they appear to also be having a problem selling the most expensive seats. No surprise there. What is surprising to me are all those $161 seats available - I found them for each day. At Yankee Stadium, those type of tickets were long gone before their own Subway Series weekend.

At any rate, Squawker Jon and I, for the first time ever, will be going to two Subway Series games in the same weekend. I'm going to be sure and cheer a lot for my man Luis Castillo!

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Uncle Mike said...

Oh, dear. Lisa, as a Yankee Fan, you should know: We only capitalize "Subway Series" if it happens in October. Otherwise, it's just a regular-season series. And, since October 26, 2000, a Yanks-Mets regular season series is a considerably diminished commodity.

$161? No, the highest-priced Yankee ticket should be $161. The highest-priced Met ticket should be $126. Get it? 161st & River, 126th & Roosevelt.

Still, I notice that very little of the "You can't sell out your new stadium" criticism isn't coming from Met fans -- they're smart enough to know they've got the same problem. Still, plenty of teams would love to have the Mets' average of 39,000, let alone the Yankee average of 45,000.

Do we realize that if the Mets had taken all the runs they scored last night, and moved them to that Sunday afternoon in The Bronx... They would have scored 11 runs for Johan Santana and still lost?

Let's see what we've got for the weekend: Friday, Sabathia vs. Pelfrey. Hmmmmm, Pelfrey has been pitching well lately, while CC has been inconsistent. But if CC has anything, 3 runs may be enough, since the Mets have been making Pelfrey feel like Santana with the support he's been getting. Yanks win.

Saturday, Burnett vs. Redding. The game's not on Fox, and Redding is pitching, thus canceling out the "Yanks don't know this pitcher" phenomenon. Yanks win.

Sunday, Wang vs. Livan Hernandez. The Mets win this one, partly because Livan gives the Yanks trouble, partly because Wang still isn't all the way back, partly because it's very hard to sweep a subway series (lower-case letters, remember), and partly because (N)ESPN hates the Yankees.

Uncle Mike said...

Oops, that should have read, Very little of the "You can't sell out your new stadium" criticism IS coming from Met fans. Proofreading is underrated.

Anonymous said...

FYI a local college in the NYC area was selling discounted tickets for the series this weekend.
Never saw that before...typcially, it is mid-week games.
Don't know where the seats were but they sold out in a couple hours for $26 tkts.

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