Friday, June 5, 2009

Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man fights in Yankee Stadium!

What a tangled web this is. Our Red Sox fan friends at Surviving Grady noticed that Yankee Stadium plays a central role in the latest Spider-Man comic book!

Apparently, in issue #594 of The Amazing Spider-Man, the superhero with radioactive blood gets into a fight with The Vulture in Yankee Stadium during a game. Unfortunately for the Yanks, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man isn't so friendly to the ballpark, tearing it apart somehow. It results in the tabloid back page you see above (thanks to Surviving Grady for the graphic.)

Red Sox fan Red from Surviving Grady is all pleased about this turn of events - not only is Yankee Stadium busted up in the comic book, but Red's letter to the editor got published in the same issue. (They run letters to the editor in comic books? Who knew?

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

Serves him right! The Webslinger shouldn't even be let into Yankee Stadium -- any stadium with the name! After all, he's one of... THEM!

That's right, Spider-Man is a Met fan!

No joke, I've got proof, from the legendary PBS kids' show "The Electric Company," circa 1977 -- by which point the Mets were falling apart and the Yankees had become the City's Number 1 team again, so, really, he should have known better. Check out Morgan Freeman as a optometrically-challenged umpire:

Traveling Baseball Babes said...

This may be incredibly geeky to ask, but they're still writing Spiderman comics? I hope I don't start an all out attack because I didn't know that...

NAM said...


I think it shows you are the opposite of geeky by not knowing that information.

She-Fan said...

Lisa, are you going to the 6/17 game against the Nats? Anybody else? I'll be there and would love to meet up.

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