Monday, June 1, 2009

Yuck! Yanks do nothing against Pavano, and Coke isn't it

Yesterday was one of the most frustrating Yankee games I've watched all year. And I'm still a little bit irked by the outcome. I complained to Squawker Jon last night about the loss, and he muttered something about how "you Yankee fans want to win every game." And that attitude is wrong, why exactly?

Losing is one thing, though, but the way the Yanks went about their business yesterday was very frustrating. First off, it was bad enough when the Yankees nearly lost to Carl Pavano the first time around this year. But that's understandable, I guess, given that they didn't know what he looked like pitching. Making him look like an ace for the second time this season? Unacceptable.

Speaking of American Idle, I read that Pavano said about his time with the Yankees, "I have no regrets." Of course he doesn't. He got $39.95 million for sitting on his (bruised) butt for four years. What could he possibly regret - whether he should have bought a Porsche or a Ferrari with his ill-gotten gains? Whether he should eat foie gras or caviar? Whether he should buy a mansion or a penthouse apartment? Sheesh.

While the Yanks weren't able to do anything against Pavano, they did tie the game off the Cleveland bullpen. But I had no faith that the Yanks would win after Jorge Posada hit into a double play. Part of the reason that play happened was because Brett Gardner, who misplayed a ball earlier in the game, ignored Joe Girardi's steal sign:
"They did want me to steal, and I didn't go. I should have. Another mistake," Gardner said.
Ya think?

You know how John Sterling always opines about how leadoff walks in late innings are so costly? He's right. And Phil Coke didn't just walk the leadoff batter, Trevor Crowe, in the ninth, he complained about the umpire's call, saying "I thought it was a strike." Not cool.

Dave Robertson wasn't any great shakes, either, giving up the winning hit to Jhonny Peralta. All in all, it wasn't exactly a red-letter day for the Yankees.

And to top it all off, my Squawker partner was up close at yesterday's Met game, breathing in all sorts of germs. Your Yankee-hating is nauseating enough, Jon; you'd better not make me literally sick as well!

The one bright side to yesterday's debacle was Chien-Ming Wang looking like himself. He pitched three lights-out innings, and looked much more impressive than starter Phil Hughes. Thank goodness for small favors.

What do you think about yesterday's loss? Leave us a comment!

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Uncle Mike said...

Posada killed a 9th-inning rally with a double play. Any moment now, Scott Boras is going to call him, demanding royalties for infringing on the trademark of his client, Alex Rodriguez.

I say send Coke-and-no-smile down, move Joba back to the pen (I can't believe I'm agreeing with Mike Lupica about something other than politics or Isiah Thomas), and have a rotation of Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Wang and Hughes. I'd feel much safer with that, unless Bruney comes back strong (and I'm doubting that he ever will now), than Joba starting and Coke as Mariano's setup.

However, taking 2 of 3 in Cleveland is pretty good. If we can win today, that would be 3 of 4. Yesterday was frustrating, but it's hardly something to whine about. Grumble, maybe, but not whine.

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