Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time for my Yankees-Red Sox predictions

Derek Jeter was notorious for saying that the post-dynasty Yankee clubs were "not the same team" as the one that won four rings in five years. Well, this current Yankee ballclub is not the same team that got swept by the Red Sox - twice - in April and May.

That team was 13-15 without Alex Rodriguez. Since he returned to lineup May 8, the Yanks have gone 21-8, giving them a total record of 34-23 - and first place!

So far, as I said earlier today, the $423 million the Yanks spent on CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, and A.J. Burnett has been money well spent so far. CC is pitching like an ace. Teixeira was the real AL Player of the Month. And Burnett, after some rocky starts, has pitched well his last few starts, and brings a badly-needed edge of toughness to this team. All three of them have also been personality plus in the clubhouse.

And Nick Swisher, while not a free agent, has also been a great addition, as has Francisco Cervelli.

Speaking of the new faces, I'm deciding which new player to get a numbered shirt for. I'm holding to Jon's advice to not buy one of those shirts until the All-Star Break. In the meantime, I've been rocking my new Yankee tie-dye shirt.

Anyhow, I'm feeling pretty positive about the Bombers going into Fenway Park. This series will be a real test for this team, to show that they are indeed for real. Here are my predictions for what will happen:

* Tuesday - A.J. Burnett vs. Josh Beckett: Last time these two pitchers faced off, Beckett gave up six runs, then Burnett gave up eight runs. This time, I'm thinking it's going to be the pitcher's duel promised the first time around. It could go either way, but I will give a very slight edge to Burnett.

* Wednesday: Chien-Ming Wang vs. Tim Wakefield: Wakefield is 100 years old, and still flummoxing the Yankees. Wang has been, shall we say, awful this year (although his ERA is now down to under 15!) I'd like to think the Wanger will turn it around, but I just can't see it - at least for this game. Big edge to Wakefield.

* Thursday: CC Sabathia vs. Brad Penny: Finally, CC will make his Yankee debut against Boston. I think he'll be amped up, and win the game, while Penny won't be very shiny. Edge to Sabathia.

Other predictions:

* I think David Ortiz will hit a homer against the Yanks. But if he doesn't turn it around for this series, he may indeed be done for good.

* Jonathan Papelbon will throw a temper tantrum about something.

* Alex Rodriguez will get his usual loud boos (I figure he'll get the loudest boos), as will Derek Jeter, and Mark Teixeira will get booed much worse than he got the last time around.

* We'll see or hear at least one reference to (take your pick) A-Rod doing steroids, dating Kate Hudson, or having b*tch t*ts. (Speaking of the A-Rod/K-Hud hookup, my brother said he was surprised Alex wasn't going after Goldie Hawn!)

* Either Papelbon or Rivera will blow a save, and we will see an extra-inning game.

* Each game will be at least 4 hours long, as they tend to be.

* Phil Hughes will get several chances to pitch in this series.

* There will be at least one game that goes on until after midnight, whether it's due to a rain delay, extra innings, or just a usual slow-paced Yankee-Red Sox game!

Do you have any predictions of your own? Leave us a comment!


Paul from Boston said...

I'm pretty much in agreement with your pitching predictions - although I'm calling tonight a draw (meaning no edge...just waiting and seeing).

I don't think Papi will hit a homer and I don't think our manager will view that as being done. Francona's loyalty is fierce.

Since these are all work nights I hope you're wrong about the extra inning game...ugh!

Forecast has actually improved somewhat...solid rain not as likely although it should be pretty dreary for the series.

When the time comes, if I were you I'd probably go with a Swisher shirt - he seems to be the best addition in terms of personality, a quality I regard highly. CC and Tex are too "in" and trendy. Based on what you write here I'd think Burnett would be a good fit for you since you seem most pleased by the "spice" he brings.

Cheers to some fairly normal length games!

Paul from Boston said...

Okay, so much for my prediction about Ortiz.

Lisa Swan said...

Paul, you were wrong on Ortiz, but I was very wrong about Burnett. Some edge!

Paul from Boston said...

Interesting...Burnett owns the Sox until going to NY. CC hasn't had a ton of success against the Sox so this may just reinforce your prediction for Thursday.

NY Sports Jerk said...

Great call on the Burnett/Beckett matchup.

I think everyone knew Ortiz would continue to kill the Yankees. Facing them is like the fountain of youth for him.

Uncle Mike said...

The Pinstripers were running like a finely tuned machine. They were the Bronx Bombers again. They were flashing leather in the field. They were pitching like the Cone-led rotation of old. They were beating good teams, taking two of three or even sweeping. Minnesota. Toronto. Texas. Tampa Bay.

Hope was in the air, going into this week's three-game series in Boston against the Sox. The Yankees were in first place, one game ahead of said Sox.

And just like that... It's all over. One hit off Super Punk Beckett in 6 innings. Two hits for the game. A.J. Burnett got knocked around. David Ortiz went back on his steroids -- or maybe he just need to hit agianst the Yankees again -- and hit another home run off us. Boston 7, New York 0.

It took three weeks for the Yanknees to go from me writing "The Yankees have no heart" in my April 27 blog entry to titling one "The fun is back in The Bronx" on May 18. I hope it takes considerably less time for this next paragraph to turn around:

It's over. The Yankees' 2009 season is over. They have no chance. They may get the Wild Card, but they can't beat the Red Sox. Forget it. No Pennant this year. Against the Red Sox, they have no heart, no drive, no will to win.

They've got two games left in this series to turn that sentence around. If they don't, then this last month or so, filled with drama and success and hope for more, will have been a waste, and they will have proven themselves to be useless scrubs. (I posted this on my blog as well, but for propriety's sake I cleaned up the language here.)

Subway Squawkers said...

Uncle Mike, I see that you stirred up Penn State Nation or whatever they're called by slamming Joe Paterno!

Uncle Mike said...

Yeah, I did. Apparently, Penn Staters have much thinner skins than Met, Red Sox or Ranger fans.

But who else was I going to pick as my all-time top sports villain among non-players? Davey Johnson didn't last long enough, I don't find Terry Francona particularly loathsome, no Ranger coach in my lifetime (or my parents' -- even they aren't THAT old) has won a Cup and then stayed a second season. Any those Penn Staters refused to suggest an alternative.

Now that I think of it, I could have chosen Theo Epstein. But I didn't. I wonder why?

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