Friday, June 26, 2009

Squawker Jon's Subway Series predictions

The Mets finally won a series and are looking better as they head into the Subway Series, but the Yankees started hitting again in the last few days. So it looks like another two out of three series for the Yankees.

The Mets only have one favorable pitching matchup, Livan Hernandez vs. Chien-Ming Wang on Sunday, but I'll predict that will not be the game the Mets will win. After all, if they can beat Chris Carpenter with one good inning, they can do the same with CC Sabathia or A.J. Burnett.

Other predictions:

Gary Sheffield will not be able to play in all three games because he is more seriously hurt than the Mets are letting on, at least when it comes to playing the field.

Tim Redding will show that he's the one who should be dropped from the rotation when John Maine returns.

Jeremy Reed will get a start in center and will have a good game, after which Jerry Manuel will return him to the bench for Fernando Martinez, who will, as Keith Hernandez would put it, continue to be on the interstate.

The Mets will hit one homer this weekend and it will come from an unlikely source. Then again, any Met homers are unlikely these days.

A-Rod will homer to pass Reggie. It will come in the game the Yankees lose.

The player who will get the biggest cheers will be Luis Castillo, since he will be the only player cheered by both Met and Yankee fans (though not of course for the right reasons).

Squawker Lisa will finally see a Met win at Citi Field (we are going tonight and Sunday).

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Anonymous said...

Not so much a prediction as a prayer. The Mets have to either win each game (I know, I know), or get blown out in their losses. I do not want to have to watch Marinao Rivera getting save number 500 against the Mets. I think we all know it will happen though.

Michael in California

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