Monday, June 15, 2009

Jane Heller - aka 'She-Fan' - is coming to town

Here's a first - there's going to be a book-signing at Stan's, the watering hole near Yankee Stadium!

"Confessions of a She-Fan" author Jane Heller will be signing copies of her book on Wednesday, June 17 from 3:30p.m. to 5:30 p.m., before Wednesday night's Yankees-Nationals game.

I'm going to go to it, and Squawker Jon may be putting in an appearance as well. It should be a fun event. (Unfortunately, as Chien-Ming Wang is pitching that night, this might be the most fun Yankee fans have that day!)

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Anonymous said...

I'll be at the game but don't know if I can get there in time for the book signing ..if not I told Jane I'll look for her at the seats. I want her to sign my copy ...I have a few books that are signed by Mattingly, O'Neill, Jerry Coleman, Yogi Berra and I want to add her to my collection. I think she would love being in such great company on my book shelf... :o)...

Here's to a bunch of Yankee wins against the NL East least 9 of the 12 but I wouldn't mind ALL the games for a clean sweep (I'm greedy..what can I

I'll be at the game tonight ..let's start the winning ...


Go Yankees 2009 !!

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