Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MMMBop! Hanson stifles Yankee batters

Can't anyone here play this game? Or at least play it with some energy? When Chien-Ming Wang's pitching is perhaps the only highlight of yesterday's loss, that's a bad game. And when the Yankees struggle - again - against another rookie pitcher, it's depressing. And that wasn't even the worst part of the game.

No, the moment that infuriated me the most was what happened after Jorge Posada struck out for the fourth time. The ball got away from Atlanta catcher Brian McCann, but Posada didn't even walk, let alone run, towards first. Unacceptable. If a rookie did what Posada did, there would be a whole to-do over his lack of hustle. But Posada does it, and it's okay? Unreal.

Joe Girardi said after the game he was pleased with the Yankees' effort. Are you kidding me? This team has been batting like they all want to get the game over with for a hot date with Kate Hudson, and Joe's praising the effort? Good grief. My cat C.C. is more motivated, and she sleeps 20 hours a day!

At least Tommy Hanson is a highly touted player (he's even on Squawker Jon's fantasy team) and not a no-name. But still. The Yankees went 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position last night. Between A-Rod striking out or feebly popping up, and either Derek Jeter or Robinson Cano seeming to hit into a double play at least once a game, their hitting is terrible.

As Squawker Jon noted, A-Rod's slugging stats are similar to Gary Sheffield's this year, with Sheff's batting average 60 points higher. The numbers, going into Tuesday's game:

Sheffield : 156 AB, 8 HR, 26 RBI, 33 R, .276 BA, .389 OBP, .487 SLG
Rodriguez: 136 AB, 9 HR, 28 RBI, 18 R, .213 BA, .371 OBP, .456 SLG

So the Mets, paying the major league minimum, are getting A-Rod-like production that costs the Yankees $26 million more. Oh great.

Fellow blogger J-Boogie of Baseball and the Boogie Down suggested that it's time for the Yankees to fire hitting coach Kevin Long. It's an interesting thought. And it's amazing to me that we're talking about whether Joe Girardi will lose his job, yet Long's job doesn't appear to be in jeopardy. Perhaps it should be.

I don't know if it's the advance scouting or Long or a combination of both, but the Yankees' approach against pitchers they don't know is terrible. How is it that other teams - like the Red Sox - are able to figure out these pitchers, and the Yankees aren't?

Check out this stat from the New York Times' Tyler Kepner:
In their last nine games, the Yankees faced eight starters they had never faced before. Those pitchers have a combined earned run average of 2.54, and only one allowed more than three earned runs against the Yankees.
The Bergen Record's Pete Caldera has even more depressing numbers. On June 9, the Yanks were in first place, and had won 19 of 25:

Since then, they've been swept (again) by the Sox. They've been shut out three times. They've lost 9 of 13, lost six games in the standings, and they've lost six games since June 13 to starters they'd never previously seen.

Time for the Yankees to start hitting - or for somebody's head to roll.

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Anonymous said...

And more teams are not starting rookie or unknown pitchers against the Bronx blowers why??

Uncle Mike said...

Dump hitting instructor Kevin Lowe now. Dump pitching coach Dave Eiland now. Replace each of them with someone with a clue.

Joe Girardi, if this team doesn't make the Playoffs, consider yourself in the running with Paul (the Warrior) O'Neill and John (Parlaying One At-Bat Into a Broadcasting Career) Flaherty for the title of this generation's Yankee player turned broadcasting star, succeeding Phil Rizzuto and Bobby Murcer. Because you won't be in the running to be the Yankee manager in 2010.

That is, if Hank and Hal care about winning.

At what point does saying, "At least the Mets also stink at the moment" become insufficient? How about... NOW!

NAM said...

Uncle Mike,

Your friend Geno is back on Feinsand's blog today. Never mentions the Rays. Guess who he is gushing over now, the Red Sox! What a phony!


Anonymous said...


I think I may have spoken a bit too seen a about a month ago when the Yankees were on a roll. But I do recall saying that I liked this team becuase the were doing three things: 1)pitching 2)speed 3)defense.
They had that record breaking errorless streak going on as well. Guess who was playing A LOT during that time? Cervelli was behind the plate and Pena was either at short or at third. Can Pena replace Jeter or A-Rod at the plate on a daily basis? No, but after the last six games I'm beginning to wonder.

Who broke the teams record-setting errorless streak? Posada ("Mr. I'm -an -everyday catcher-not-a-DH) People can scream all they want about Girardi and the moves he has or hasn't made (and some of them are head scratchers) but he doesn't swing the bat in the clutch or fall down in the field or make base running mistakes. It's not his fault that Matsui can't play the outfield because of a bum knee.

Wang is "working his way back" to form;in games that count in the standings when he should be in the minors; but that drama ship has already sailed.

You are right about Posada last night not running out the dropped ball on his "Golden Sombrerro" strikeout. Where was Michael Kay screaming about the "Yankee Way"?

OH no wait becuase he's one of the "core championship" Yankees, he gets a pass. PLEASE.

If I was Girardi I would play the kids more and let the aging "core championship Yankees"/prima donnas sit in the club house chatting up their hollywood/supermodel girl friends/checking on their fat bank accounts and/or shining off their pretty rings gathering dust in a box. If he's going to go down, he might as well go down swinging, doing things his way: playing the guys who can help him win games.

Roger 9 said...

It is a manager's job to motivate his players to play to the best of their ability...PERIOD. If this means lighting a fire under them, then so be it. If this means benching players and replacing them with more motivated minor leaguers fine. If the team is going to lose games doing this, it will not be any worse then losing the way they are currently doing with their "stars".
The coaching staff should be fired immediately and, of course. Brian Cashman should have been fired long ago.
Wake up Hank ad Hal.Try to emulate your father or sell the team to a group that has the stomach to do what needs to be done!

fabled1 said...

I hate to say I told you so but I mentioned back in April this team stinks. There is no difference from last year except the core is a year older.

I agree Girardi and the other coaches should be fired. However ownership is looking more and more like CBS ownership. The only way change will be made is if the fans stop filling the seats and stop watching on TV. The almighty dollar or lack of will change this team's makeup.

Some will say Girardi doesn't field or hit, true he doesn't but he does make out the lineup card. He is responsible for motivating and disciplining his players. He appears to not have a clue. Yes, another clueless Joe.

In addition their scouting is horrendous. Why is it these girls can't hit pitchers they haven't seen yet the opposing players can hit the Stinkee pitchers they haven't seen????

How many more years of A-Rod???? Jeter looks like he's breaking down fast. Damon and Matsui have joined A-Rod. Cano truly cannot. Should have traded him long ago. What a disgraceful team. To treat their fans like this is pathetic. Why would anyone want to pay to see this team? To support their salaries??

As some of the diehards will say in their defense - it's only June.

Anonymous said...

save me some time here...

can someone point out where the 'fire the coaches' rants were when NYY was on a tear a month ago?

Roger 9 said...

Anonymous, I will be happy to call for the gm's, manager's, and coaches firings the next time this collection of "has beens" goes on a tear. This will probably be sometime around 2014.

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