Saturday, June 27, 2009

A-Rod and Brett Gardner homers unglue Elmer Dessens

My partner in Squawking already covered much of what we watched last night at the Subway Series, and what we ate. Here are my observations:

  • Unlike the Subway Series game we saw at Yankee Stadium, where there appeared to be only 20-25% Met fans in the house, there were at least 35-40% Yankee fans at Citi Field. And the energy of the crowd was at a much higher level because of it. Lots of competing "Lets Go Yankees/Yankees suck" chants.
  • The rain was like a monsoon - it didn't rain all afternoon, then the cloudburst happened just when we were getting off the subway. As I get claustrophobic with crowds, I didn't want to wait on the covered steps of the subway station. So I made a run for it myself to the ballpark, and Jon headed in a few minutes later.
  • But, as Jon noted, the Stadium itself was just as crowded and claustrophobic when it was raining. Good grief.
  • Should the Mets send Elmer Dessens to the glue factory? He looked terrible against the Yanks, giving up homers to A-Rod and Brett Gardner.
  • Oh, and Gardner, who had his first five-hit game, also has three homers this year. David Wright has only four. What's up with that?
  • Unlike the Yankees, who did a whole heap of nothing at the Subway Series, the Mets had both a singer for the National Anthem, and people (the new Knicks draft picks) to throw out the first pitch.
  • Was cool to see A-Rod move up on the records chart with his homer overtaking Reggie Jackson. Did they show Reggie's reaction on the YES Network?
  • One thing SNY seemed to show a lot of was Kate Hudson. Wonder why she's such a big Yankee fan now!
  • Was hoping for a CC Sabathia no-hitter. Mets, of course, still haven't pitched a no-hitter. But hey, maybe they can set the record for the game with the most errors!
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