Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do the Joba! Chamberlain's pitching, great play bugs the Indians

Even though Joba Chamberlain swallowed a bug, he still had a great outing against Cleveland, pitching eight stellar innings. I listened to the first half of the game on the radio, and was lucky to be arriving home just around the time when Joba made that belly flop double play. So I got to see it live. (Click here if you haven't seen it yet.)

The play was both athletic and hilarious - Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia were shown guffawing over it. I'm thinking the Joba play could be a new dance - the catch on the ground, the hat falling off, the throw, and then the finale, a double fist pump with a little shaking around? Throw in some bug swatting, and you've got a hit. Do the Joba!

Hmmm - are Red Sox fans going to complain about the double fist pump, given that Yankees weren't leading at the time (the score was tied)? Meanwhile, Jonathan Papelbon throws a towel at a photographer, and nobody says a peep. But I digress.

That eighth inning brought back some bad bug flashbacks, though. And when YES showed the 2007 midge clip, I got angry all over again at why the Yanks didn't walk off the field in protest. Fortunately, the Rally Midge didn't get the job done this time, and the Yanks won.

I did miss seeing Nick Swisher have to fight a flock of seagulls last night. Maybe they were attracted to him because of the SwishHawk hair?

In other news, the Yanks set an MLB record with their 18th consecutive game without an error. Congrats.

Now the Yanks head home, back to the Homer-Happy House That Trost Built. With Texas in the house tonight, expect to crane your neck a lot watching balls fly out of the stadium this series.

What do you think of Joba Chamerlain, midges, or anything else on your mind? Leave us a comment!


Uncle Mike said...

Joba has a dance? I hope it's as successful as "The El Duque" -- and better than David Cone's!

Of course, it helps to have good music to dance to, and the Yankees have been making sweet music lately: Three out of four in Cleveland, on a hot streak since early May, a record 18 straight games without an error, and first place on June 2. Now, if they can just maintain that for another 4 months and 2 days.

Swisher has a seagull problem? The last Yankee to have one was Dave Winfield, and the story didn't go so well.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is with the bugs? I have this picture of someone outside or under the stadium with a huge box of midges that they release when Joba shows up.
Joba's velocity was impressive last night..8th inning still throwing 97 mph.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Mike, you beat me to it!


Jane Y.

She-Fan said...

Not only did Joba do the belly flop but his chin bounced on the ground a few times. An excellent dance!

Great game tonight with Tex showing some brute force, taking out Andrus at second. Loved it!

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