Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thriller! Brian Bruney uses hyperbaric chamber

Update: Obviously, I wrote this story before the untimely death of Michael Jackson. Bad luck and bad timing on my part. Best wishes to the Jackson family.

I don't know quite what to make of this story. The New York Post's George King reports that Brian Bruney is using a portable hyperbaric chamber on his elbow.

"I was in it for 1 to 1½ hours today," Bruney said yesterday. "I thought it helped my foot last year."

A hyperbaric chamber? I know it's a real tool in medicine these days (the oxygen helps healing) but what popped into my mind when hearing about Bruney in the hyperbaric chamber was Michael Jackson. Remember how Wacko Jacko got photographed in one of those devices? What's next - is Bruney going to buy up the Elephant Man's bones, too?

Anyhow, Squawker readers gave me grief last week for coming up with only one John Lennon pun for Nationals' pitcher John Lannan. So I wanna be startin' somethin' here about Bruney, no matter how off the wall it sounds!

Is Bruney going to challenge Francisco Rodriguez to a dance-off this wekend? Maybe the pitcher can use a Jackson song as his theme music. How about "Beat It"? Or "I'll Be There"? Let's hope Bruney's just not "Bad"!

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Uncle Mike said...

Lisa, if you wanna make Michael Jackson puns, I'll be there. It'll be as easy as ABC. And don't stop 'til you get enough.

I'd better stop using the pre-Thriller Jacko songs, or KM will start calling me "Old School." Well, he likes a team that hasn't won the World Series since "Thriller" was his last album, so maybe he should be starting with the man in the mirror.

Can we talk about Janet instead? She's so much prettier.

Uncle Mike said...

Oy vey. First Farrah Fawcett dies today -- hardly unexpected, considering the public revelations of her battle with cancer -- and now, just hours after Lisa posted this, Michael Jackson is rushed to a Los Angeles hospital with an apparent heart attack. Lots of sources are reporting that he's dead. Reliable ones, of course, are saying no such thing.

This is creepy. I've often said that I don't believe in hexes, jinxes, or ghosts, except when it comes to sports. Does this count? I hope not, for Lisa's sake!

One site that is really messed up by the influx of "OMG! Is the King of Pop Dead?" questions is Yahoo Answers. One person asked, "Is Elvis Presley the EMT who put Michael Jackson into the ambulance?" What a ridiculous question. Elvis is 74, much too old to be an EMT!

I hope Jacko recovers; but, even more, if he doesn't, I hope he didn't put it in his will that he wanted the same "final resting place" that was assigned to Ted Williams. Because that's just the kind of freaky thing people would tend to believe about Michael Jackson.

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