Thursday, June 25, 2009

That joke isn't funny anymore - bad timing on a Michael Jackson reference

I often make comments about being a jinx on sporting events and such, but what happened today is kind of eerie.

I wrote a blog entry about how Brian Bruney is using a hyperbaric chamber on his elbow. That device, of course, is remembered by many, including myself, as being used by Michael Jackson. So I put a photo of the King of Pop in the blog. And not just any photo, but one of him in the hyperbaric chamber. And I made all sorts of awful puns about Wacko Jacko's music.

A few hours later, I'm reading our comments section, and read Uncle Mike's note that Michael had a heart attack and might be dead. It's such an eerie coincidence, I'm kind of shuddering even looking at the photo of Jackson in the hyperbaric chamber (come to think of it, it looks like he's in a coffin. Yikes!)

It's not like Michael Jackson is a big topic of mine; I hadn't thought about him since his 50th birthday last year. And now he's apparently dead. Rest in peace, Michael.


Joe D said...

Wow. that is uncanny. You must have freaked when you first about it. Please don't make pubs about U2 because I have tickets.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Don't beat yourself over this,
It just happened, From what I have heard he was taking alot of medication (Probably abusing them)
This death is almost identical in the way Michael Jackson died to the way Elvis Presley died

Tom Sperduto said...

Really. Lisa, don't worry about it.....

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson did manage to whisper a brief message to paramedics on his way into hospital...."Put me on the childrens ward"

acapelad said...

no worries lisa. it was just his time. i'm sure he will be happier and at peace in his new existence. maybe he will come back as a normal kid and go to work at Disneyland and have a good life.

like the smiths reference too ; )


Ryan O said...


Please dont bring me up in any columns.....thanks

Your Pal,
Ryan O

Uncle Mike said...

What gets me is that if Michael Jackson had been allowed to have a normal childhood, he might have been only one-tenth the star he became, and that would have been enough for most people. There might still have been a tragic accident like Buddy Holly or a sudden illness like Bruce Lee, but chances are he would now be alive, well, rich, well-adjusted and happy. He ended up as none of those things.

I know not all "stage parents" are like that. Beyonce and Solange Knowles' parents have had a lot of criticism in that regard, but both daughters seem okay. By contrast, look at the Spears sisters. For the moment, things have settled down with them, but the Jackson case proves that you never know. I just hope that Billy Ray Cyrus is paying attention, for Miley's sake.

Then, of course, there was A-Rod's 563rd* career home run, tying a certain Yankee legend. But by that point, Reggie was only the second-biggest Jackson in the news. And the death of Farrah Fawcett, like Michael (and Reggie) a breakout legend of the Seventies, got pushed to the background, although did catch a little of Larry King getting a phone call from Cher, saying lovely things about Farrah.

I was just a kid when Elvis Presley and John Lennon died. I didn't really know what kind of impact they had at the time. The first public death that really had any resonance for me was that of Thurman Munson. I literally fell out of my seat when I heard about that.

Lisa Swan said...

Elvis I didn't "get" at the time - I only knew him from a K-Tel greatest hits collection. John Lennon, on the other hand, was like a punch in the stomach. I was a huge Beatles and Lennon fan growing up, and I was literally listening to "Double Fantasy" the night before he died.

To tie this in to the Yankees, the only more shocking celebrity death of my childhood was Thurman Munson's. And thinking about both deaths still makes me sad.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

I am a Old Geezer. I was 21 with Elvis and 23 with Munson, So they both had huge impacts on me as did when I was 12 the Assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy, These were huge worldwide events just like Thursday with Michael Jackson.

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